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About Us

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We are a company with a stable market position and traditions we have been developing since 1960, when "Techno-Service" was established. In 1984 we manufactured our first printed circuit board (PCB) and this event triggered a dynamic development of the Printed Circuit Production Plant. In response to the increasing market demand for contract electronic manufacturing [CEM] in 1994 we created the Electronics Assembly Plant. After 10 years of activity in the market, gaining knowledge and experience, with continuous upgrading of technological processes and investments in human resources, the plant became a solid foundation for establishing the Ecological Electronics Assembly Center TSTRONIC.

TSTRONIC opens new possibilities for full service companies looking for full service contract electronic manufacturing of prototypes and small and medium sized lots of highly specialized electronic systems, also with a considerable amount of hand work.

We are a reliable and credible business partner for both permanent and new clients.

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