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Purchase of a new line to assembly SMT.

On the 15th of February 2007 a decision was made about buying another Pick&Place automaton Siemens SIPLACE CF. Above investment occurred incipient complement to a new line for assembling SMT, destined for producing prototypes and pilotage batch.  Execution of that kind of orders generated heavy expenses due to frequent rearming of possesses lines. A purchase of a new line, which is dedicated for short serial production, is going to optimize manufacturing process, reduce expenses and what goes after it improve flexibility of working place in relation to customer’s needs and demands (shorter delivery dates and lower prices). In composition to a new SMT assembly line (besides a new automaton),
go additional machines and installations delivered by renowned and verified suppliers
such as: DEK, ERSA, ASYS.


All SMT assembly lines consist of machines and devices from well-renowed suppiers.
At present our machine park includes:

SMT assembly:
I line:
• automatic board feeder: ASYS BLO 03
• screen printer: DEK Horizon 03i
• board transporter: ASYS BCO 01
• 2 automatic machines: Pick&Place Siemens SIPLACE S20
• 1 automatic machine: Pick&Place Siemens SIPLACE CF + WPC
• board transporter: ASYS BCO 02
• reflow soldering oven: ERSA HotFlow 2/14 ASP
• automatic board receiver: ASYS BUL 03

II line
• automatic board feeder: ASYS AES03D
• screen printer: DEK Horizon 03
• board transporter: ASYS TRM 01
• 2 automatic machines: Pick&Place Siemens SIPLACE S20
• 1 automatic machine: Pick&Place Siemens SIPLACE F4
• board transporter: ASYS TRM 02
• reflow soldering oven: SMT 1.7TC
• automatic board receiver ASYS AMS 03D

Automatic Optical Inspection station:
• automatic board feeder: ASYS BLO 03
• The Orbotech Symbion S36-22 Automatic Optical Inspection system (AOI)
• automatic board receiver: ASYS BUL 03

Through-hole assembly:
• ERSA EWS-330 wave soldering unit - leaded technology
• ERSA NWAVE-440 wave soldering unit – unleaded technology
• WELLER accessories

Devices for BGA repair:
• ERSA I550A Plus

Actual Production capacity:
production capacity of SMT assembly lines – 15 million SMD elements per month ,
production capacity of THT assembly – 3 million PTH elements per month.

Our targeted monthly production capacity will amount to:
40 million SMD elements and 8 million PTH.

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