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In February 2009 TSRONIC has purchased and implemented to SMT production lines two new machines: Siemens Siplace Dispenser G2 and Siemens WPW 3-930(WPC) tray feeder.

Glue dispenser, Siemens Siplace Dispenser G2 was implemented into the second SMT Line. Particular machine has the efficiency of 33 thousand drops per hour and allows very precise glue dosage in the specified time and place.  




Siemens WPW 3-930(WPC) tray feeder was implemented into the third SMT line. The machine was set as an additional feeder to SMT F5 mounting machine. Feeder’s capacity raches 28 trays, what positively effects production’s efficiency.


The purchase of another, supplementary SMT machines, allows to improve the quality of production processes in TSTRONIC. Not only it accelerates the SMT mounting process, but also allows to maintain the highest production quality in order to raise our customers satisfaction.

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