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 With a great joy we would like to inform, that the Inteligent LED Lightning System SILED – the result of co-operation of Techno-Service SA and the Technical University of Gdansk has received Polish Promotional Sign “Teraz Polska”. 

“Teraz Polska” is a non-commercial contest, whose main interest is to determine country’s best products, services and innovative ventures.

On June 6th 2011 in the Great Theater and National Opera in Warsaw, Poland, company’s CEO Mr Jan Mioduski received prestigious statue.
The ceremonial concert “Teraz Polska” took place with the participation of renown singer Edyta Gepert along with an accompanying band KROKE; among invited guests were the Laureates of the previous editions of the “Poland Teraz Polska”, members of legislative and executive government, representatives of foreign embassies, along with the representatives of the world of science, culture, business and media.

The Intelligent LED Lightning System SILED is a combination of the latest technologies: lightning with the use of highly efficient LED diodes, intelligent control algorithms and the communication with the use of wireless technology and the internet.  Thanks to it’s creative integration, the result achieved is: energy-efficient, ecological lightning with total control and the wireless, remote management of the whole lightning system along with low maintenance costs.

The System offers it’s users most importantly: high comfort and the aesthetics. Thanks to the natural white light it improves the safety of all the public road and communication trails users.

Recently the System was developed by the Techno-Service Group and the spin off company Siled.

Company’s offer is available on the website:

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