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Awards and Commendations

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Polish Promotional Sign "TERAZ POLSKA"

"Teraz Polska"  is a non-commercial contest, whose main interest is to determine country’s best products, services and innovative ventures.

With a great joy we would like to inform, that the Inteligent LED Lightning System SILED – the result of co-operation of Techno-Service SA and the Technical University of Gdansk has received Polish Promotional Sign “Teraz Polska On June 6th 2011 in the Great Theater and National Opera in Warsaw, Poland, company’s CEO Mr Jan Mioduski received prestigious statue.

The Intelligent LED Lightning System SILED is a combination of the latest technologies: lightning with the use of highly efficient LED diodes, intelligent control algorithms and the communication with the use of wireless technology and the internet.  Thanks to it’s creative integration, the result achieved is: energy-efficient, ecological lightning with total control and the wireless, remote management of the whole lightning system along with low maintenance costs.

Recently the System was developed by the Techno-Service Group and the spin off company Siled. Oferta Company’s offer is available on the website:


"Remember what you have to do and forget what you have already done"



Our company has been awarded seven times with the honourable title "Business Gazelle" granted by the economic daily "Puls Biznesu".

The title "Business Gazelle" can be received by a company which has shown permanent and long-term increase in sales of its products or services and which has confirmed its reliability in contacts with clients. In the criteria of candidates to the title of the "Business Gazelle" the following are taken into account: sales dynamics and also openness and honesty in dealing with clients and partners as well as guarantee of reliability of the services.

Awarding "TECHNO-SERVICE" with another title of the "Business Gazelle" by "Puls Biznesu" means that the jury has appreciated the development dynamics of our company also this year recognizing it as a solid partner, whose products guarantee high quality, and whose economic standing and values - promptness, soundness and reliability of service.

A NOMINATION to the Polish Promotion Emblem "POLAND: NOW"


The participation in the competition "POLAND: NOW" is a chance and challenge for those companies which produce and promote products and services of the highest quality.

Convinced about the competitiveness of our products and services, we have taken the challenge in the IV edition of the Competition for the Best Products and Services. Our passing through the process of selection and getting into the honourable nominated group of companies to the Polish Promotion Emblem "POLAND: NOW" is a proof that we belong to a group of the best.

Aside from our own satisfaction from the results of the Competition, our company has gained the best recommendation and visit-card - a symbol of professionalism and reliability.

An independent and professional opinion of the Branch Boards of Experts in a form of appropriate decisions and acceptance of our product (printed circuits) among the best in this Edition of the Competition confirm that our company meets the high requirements of the market, its quality and its competitiveness. It also encourages us in a very special way to continuously increase the quality of our goods and services offered to make them even better.

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