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Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System

According to the Quality Policy accepted by us the essence of our company’s mission is to continuously increase the quality of the services and products offered, which will ensure satisfying the actual and potential needs and requirements of the clients, shareholders, and workers.
The development, effective implementation, and further certification in December 2002 of the  Quality Management System for compatibility with the requirements of the EN ISO 9001:2000 standard is a confirmation that we are a credible partner offering high and stable quality of  its services and products.
Clarity, transparency, and evidence of actions and responsibilities make us a reliable company at every stage of our co-operation with clients and contracting parties. This is a solid foundation for building other management systems.


It was a natural development that in February 2005 we have implemented and certified the System of Environmental Management according to the requirements of the EN ISO 14001:1996 standard as a plan to put in order matters connected with the operation of the company with respect to environment protection [the Environmental Politics] and the integration of the both systems.

In December 2005 the implemented Integrated System of Quality and Environmental Management underwent an indirect auditing which resulted in giving the certificate of accordance with the new EN ISO 14001:2004 standard.

The Integrated System of Quality and Environmental Management is an integral part of the management system of the company. It means that all the basic components of the system: structure, responsibility, procedures, means enabling implementation and realization of the quality politics and of ecological politics are coherent with other functions of the company and all the strategy of its development.

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