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Environmental Policy

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Being aware of its influence on the environment, "TECHNO-SERVICE" declares to make every effort to pursue the accepted environmental mission within its business activity:


The main aim of the environmental policy of our company, i.e, the smallest possible influence on the environment in the manufacturing process (product and services) is being achieved through its partial aims:

  • developing ecological consciousness of the management and workers through trainings, likewise promoting environment-friendly activities and behaviour, and encouraging workers to support the Environmental Policy as well as being responsible for its implementation
  • continuous improvement of the efficiency of actions connected with control and preventing  any negative influence on the environment through efficient identification of meaningful environmental aspects, the elimination or reduction of effects, and also counter-action against their occurrence
  • minimization of technological waste and waste management safe for the environment through optimization of the production process, segregation, storage, and delivering waste to further processing or disposal
  • using modern technology of post-production sewage disposal, monitoring the degree of purity, and undertaking immediate corrective actions in case of discrepancy in the required parameters
  • control of proper storage of chemical substances used in the production processes
  • rational management of raw materials, water, electric and thermal energy
  • establishing the requirements within the scope of environmental protection for suppliers and exacting them as far as possible
  • using new accessible techniques when undertaking investment or modernization tasks, allowing for the economic and environmental approach

TECHNO-SERVICE declares to:

  • follow and fulfil the requirements of the Polish law and European standards in the field of environment protection
  • undertake continuous actions to improve the influence on the natural environment
  • successively improve work safety in the company as well as health protection of the workers through constant control of the environmental aspects
  • make information on its pro-ecological activity available to clients, shareholders, workers, and other parties

We are convinced that the achievement of the aims of the environmental policy included in our mission will contribute to the consolidation of the company's high position in the market and its good name. It will increase our credibility to partners, and give more satisfaction to clients who buy our products because they associate the company with the highest quality and care for the natural environment.

Gdańsk, May 15th 2004

President of the Board
Jan Mioduski

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