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Quality Policy

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The essence of our company’s mission is to continuously increase the quality of the services and products offered, which will ensure satisfying the actual and potential needs and requirements of the clients, shareholders, and workers according to the motto:


We guarantee the highest quality of our services and products by:

  • continuous monitoring of the customer’s requirements,
  • adjusting the production and servicing program so that it fulfils the requirements in the optimal way,
  • producing high class materials with quality certificate in planned and controlled conditions,
  • using rational methods of work and implementing technical progress.

We provide professional service to every client by combining the many years’ experience of old employees with the innovation, dynamism, and creativity of the young.

We value our customers’ time.

We declare joint creation and implementation of our quality policy through conscious participation of each our worker in making a product or in providing a service of the required high quality.

Quality and professionalism in our company is a priority. It concerns work at each position and is obligatory to the entire crew.

We implement our quality policy by:

  1. Maintaining the existing, very high, competitive position of the products and services offered and provided in the market.
  2. Identifying the company with the highest quality in the broad sense of the word by the client.
  3. Ensuring the client that the quality policy and continuous improvement of the products and services offered guarantee his ever greater satisfaction.
  4. Continuous upgrading of the Company's crew through training.
  5. Continuous development of the efficiency of the system of quality management.
  6. Strengthening the conviction among the crew that active participation in the quality policy, reliability and responsibility during its implementation guarantee customers’ satisfaction, recognition on the part of superiors, and a sense of fulfillment for the worker.

"Quality for the client - Satisfaction for the worker"

Gdańsk, April 15th 2002

President of the Board
Jan Mioduski

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