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Range of Services

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We offer complete service of contract electronics assembly, including:

  • interactive and flexible consulting:
    - printed circuits design and project verification for signal integrity (SI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) by means of Mentor Graphics software (PADS PCB Design Solutions),
    - supporting for innovative design process, especially for environment- friendly technologies and materials, including transition to unleaded elements,
  • production of printed circuit boards (PCB),
  • purchase of components,
  • assembly, according to SMT and THT technologies, of all state-of-the-art electronic elements, using unleaded and leaded technologies,
  • supplementary mechanical assembly and laying protective layers,
  • testing and activating packages,
  • assembling components in encapsulations*,
  • packaging*,
  • labelling*,
  • delivery to any place**,
  • supplementary designing (e.g. power supply systems),
  • software development, including programming of micro-controllers,
  • testing devices for conformity with standards and certifications (CE mark),
  • upgrading and adjusting devices, including switching over to environment-friendly materials and technologies,
  • regenerating and repairing devices.

* materials supplied by Client, typical purchased on market, produced especially for the product
** services provided in cooperation with other specialized companies


  • prototypes (1 - 10 units),
  • pilot lots (10 - 200 units),
  • production of small and medium-sized lots (200 - 5000 units).


  • Countries in the European Union,
  • Polish market,
  • Commonwealth of Independent States.


  1. terminals and terminal devices for information and communication technology,
  2. computer hardware for information technology and data technology,
  3. devices for switching over and transmission (including antenna technology),
  4. navigation devices and systems, communication management, telematics,
  5. automation, measurement and regulation devices,
  6. electrical equipment for big industrial installations and devices, robots,
  7. electro-medical devices and systems, clinical chemical measurement technology,
  8. lasers, laser systems and installations,
  9. electrical and electronic production equipment for automobile vehicles and combustion engines,
  10. control devices,
  11. electronic regulators,
  12. instruments and devices for audio-video technology,
  13. cable, tele-mechanic and radio control systems, industrial communications,
  14. electrical tools,
  15. radio and TV devices, audio technology,
  16. measurement instruments, measurement transducers, sensors, sensor systems,
  17. control and analysis devices for process analysis, laboratory analysis and environmental analysis,
  18. electro-acoustic devices, instruments and components.


  • manufacturers of devices and electronic components, also highly specialized,
  • R&D - Research and Development,
  • scientific and research institutes, universities and companies involved in advanced industrial projects.


  • professional Customer service at every stage of carrying out an assignment
    (including professional advice on choosing adequate technologies and components for assembly and help on problems related to production and technology),
  • thoroughness and high quality of service,
  • competitive prices and delivery times (our goal is to shorten delivery time even down to 5 days - full technological project draft is required - order is unequivocally closed in terms of manufacturing technology, components etc., and defining of production yield in a given period, e.g. 1 year and minimum size of a single lot) and after the technological process is practised.

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