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Technological Window

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  • assembly of single PCB (SMT/THT),
  • assembly of modules and components (SMT/THT),
  • integration of devices (wiring, mechanical assembly: twining, riveting),
  • reflow soldering (paste / glue),
  • wave soldering (unleaded and leaded),
  • PCB washing*,
  • laying protective coatings (varnishing); potting* (with resin, silicones and other plastic substances),
  • connector assembly using PRESS-FIT technology,
  • die-cutting boards out of panel.

*services are provided in cooperation with other companies

Production capacity:

  1. number of SMT lines (ywo and three-shift work):
    • 4 lines (3 lines + 1 line for prototypes)
    • number of stations for handmade assembly - 40 (two-shift work),
    • actual production capacity of SMT assembly lines - 20 million SMD elements per month,
    • actual production capacity  of THT assembly - 3 million PTH elements per month.

SMT Assembly:

  • PCB dimensions: min. 50 x 50 mm, max. 460 x 460 mm,
  • dimensions of assembled elements: min. 0201, max. 55 x 55 mm,
  • PCB thickness: min. 0.5 mm, max. 4.5 mm,
  • maximum weight of element: 25 g (heavier elements assembly on request),
  • maximum height of element: 13.5 mm,
  • minimum Lead Pitch: 0.35 mm.

THT Assembly - wave soldering:

  1. leaded: PCB dimensions 400 x 330 mm,
  2. unleadeded: PCB dimensions 460 x 390 mm (nitrogen blanket soldering is also possible)

THT Assembly - handmade (any dimensions of PCB).


  1. varnishing:
    • deep coating,
    • spray coating,
  2. moulding potting (with resin, silicones and other plastic substances).


  • AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)- inspection of surface mounted elements,
  • ICT (In-Circuit Test) - electrical test by means of our equipment and Customer's equipment,
  • FCT (FunCtional Test) -functional test by means of customer's equipment,
  • Burn-In-Test - heating test for utility period*,
  • HV (High Voltage Test)*,
  • Wiring Test*.

*services are provided in cooperation with other companies


  • Handling of the production process,
  • preparation the process execution documentation,
  • development of technology for new products,
  • managing the implementation project,
  • process optimization,
  • instrument design and assembly formulations.


  • programming of ICT testers,
  • programming of wiring testers,
  • design and production of measurement formulations,
  • DFM (Design for Manufacturing) - consultations for customers regarding product optimization for lowering production costs,
  • supplementary design, e.g., power supply systems,
  • software manufacturing, including programming of microcontrollers,
  • upgrading and adjusting devices, including switching over to environment-friendly materials and technologies,
  • regeneration of devices.


  • certificates (ISO 9001; ISO 14001),
  • quality control:
    - AQL (Acceptable Quality Level),
    - thorough control of the order by means of MRP II system,
    - ESD control.


  • FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) - analysis of causes and hazards of failures,
  • Gauge Repeatability and Reconstruction Analysis,
  • PPAP (Produced Part Approval Process),
  • SPC (Statistical Process Control),
  • PDCA (Plan Do Check Act Process) - process optimization by continuous perfecting.


  • completing deliveries:
    - printed-circuit boards,
    - electronic elements,
    - mechanical elements (encapsulations, radiators, screws, sleeves, screw caps, etc.),
    - electrical elements (wires, plugs, etc.),
  • packaging and shipping of merchanidise,
  • product delivery to customer.


  • information technology services (IT),
  • warranty and post-warranty repairs,
  • BGA, repairs,
  • testing devices for conformity with standards and certifications (CE mark).

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